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Who Does the Child Belong to If One of The Parents Goes to Another Country?

Divorce is complicated in itself, and then there is child custody. However, everything can become much more complicated if one of the parents wants to continue his life in another country. Then the question arises as to which parent the child will belong to. Family Lawyers in Grand Rapids can offer you the services of professional international custody attorneys in these cases. Of course the wellbeing of a child is the most important.

These are lawyers who are experts in international law and who know the laws of other countries, so they can help you find your way in such a complex situation. For many people, any legal process is too complex, and even if the laws of another country have to be respected, there can be really big problems.

Family Lawyers in Grand Rapids

Lawyers know that there is a single law on the jurisdiction and execution of custody of children, on the basis of which it will be determined in which state the judicial process for the custody of children will be carried out. A court decision that was made in a certain country can only be changed if the court from that country determines that the decision can be changed. For example, a court in Michigan cannot change court decisions that were made in another state.

These lawyers can also help you when there are urgent cases such as establishing that a child has been neglected or abused or abandoned by a foster parent. Professional Family Lawyers in Grand Rapids can advise you on all these and many more issues related to child custody and help you make the right decision.